Moned Enterprise was founded in 2004 and serves New York, Parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. Our customers include many well known companies. We are known for providing excellent services as we have been awarded for outstanding services.
We specialize in Events Planning, Bridal Services, Makeup, Gift Baskets, and Floral Design.

The President of the Company has a Degree in Business Administration and Teaching. She believes in the high training of her staff and professionalism . She is proud to be a graduate of Fashion Instute of Technology, in Events Planning. She also earned her credentials in Wedding Planning , Makeup, and Floral Design. She devoted her time working with private and non-profit organizations such as Daytime Television Emmy Awards planning their Emmy Awards Events, Hemophilia Charity Foundation, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with their runway shows, and many more. She got inspired by well known celebrity Iman after helping planning her 2005 Cosmetic Book Signing Events, then decided to introduce Makeup services in 2006.
Moned has been featured in Manhattan Bride and Bride Magazine
Thank you very much for your help with the Daytime Pre-screening. The day went extremely well. Thanks in part to your efforts such success would not be made possible. The director of Awards remarked to me at the end of the evening that she was pleased. I thank you for your contribution to a successful day. I hope you will continue to assist the Academy on future events. Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you guys again.
                                                               ~Christine C. On behalf of Ed and his team at Crohns and Colitis, thanks Mona for a great job with Modell Sports Awards. So, your excellent work really helped this event to be a success.
                                                               ~Barbara Thanks for your help tonight with Jeans and Gems. Paul K. and the team were so grateful for your help. The silent auction was a key money-maker and you were a big part of its success. Thanks again and hope you also enjoyed the party.
                                                               ~BB Thank you Mona for such a great event. You did an amazing job. It was excellent. We are very happy. When my daughter turns 16, you have to plan her sweet sixteen party as well.
                                                               ~Antoine On behalf of FIT, I am thanking you for your help with Iman cosmetic signing book. It went very well.
                                                               ~Barbara Thanks for a great job at the Missoni show. We pulled off a beautiful show. The stylists were very pleased. Thanks so much for participating.


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